Bed Bugs Invade NYC!

Bed bugs are equal opportunity pests and they’re taking a chomp out of New York City. “Bedbug epidemic attacks New York City,” screamed the Daily News on December 30, 2007. Staff reporter Douglas Feiden wrote, “A bedbug epidemic has exploded in every corner of New York City — striking even upper East Side luxury apartments owned by Gov. Spitzer’s father.”

No longer relegated to Skid Row fleabags, bed bugs have invaded the luxury suites of the rich and famous. The Daily News article chronicled recent outbreaks of the nasty blood-suckers at an upscale clothier on Madison Avenue, a noted law firm at One World Financial Center, luxury apartments on East 72nd Street and in SoHo, a 5-star Central Park hotel, college dormitories and several private and public schools (click the post title to read the full article).

In NYC and across the country, bed bug infestations have escalated exponentially (kind of like the little buggers breed). In 2004, the city received 537 bed bug complaints and 82 landlords were cited. In 2007, those numbers rose to 6,889 complaints and 2,008 citations. Increases in bed bug complaints span the country and appear to be the result of increased international travel and the banning of DDT, which had essentially eradicated the critters in the U.S. after WWII. However, bed bugs are prolific and hardy and it hasn’t taken them long to regain their pre-WWII status at the top of the country’s “Most Wanted” list. In fact, a new “super bed bug” seems to be on the rise that seems to be impervious to commonly used pesticides.

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