Bronx Launches Rat Eradication Campaign

This rat would have been a challenge even for Bobby Corrigan. Scientists in Uruguay have discovered fossil evidence of a one ton rodent as big as a bull! With a 20-inch scull, 8-foot long body and weighing in at 1,700 to 3,000 pounds, the beast wouldn’t have scurried into your basement through a gap in the sewer outlet, he’d have just battered down your door! Not that Corrigan wouldn’t be up to the challenge. Corrigan is New York City’s full-time rodent hunter.

Pulling in a six-figure city salary, the noted (and notorious) rodentologist has been training city workers for the past two years to trap rodents instead of just chasing them elsewhere. Now Corrigan’s been put in charge of a pilot program to rid the Bronx of its burgeoning rat population. If the 18-month program is successful, it will be expanded citywide.

Even as you read this, swarms of Health Department inspectors are blanketing the Bronx, looking for and recording signs of the disease-spreading rodents. A public prevention campaign is being launched to school residents in protecting their homes from rat infiltration. The city is doubling its complement of health inspectors who are expected to visit up to 200 properties a day. Property owners who fail to get rid of rats could be fined. With fines starting at $200, you’ll want to keep Stern Environmental Group’s phone number (locally: 201-319-9620 or toll free: 1-888-887-8376) handy in case you find evidence of rats on your property. Click here for information on Stern’s highly effective commercial and residential rat control services.