Cryonite Kills Bed Bugs Without Harmful Pesticides

Sometimes the cure seems to be as bad as the disease. Having bed bugs invade your bed and your home and is horrible enough. But what if the pesticides necessary to kill the critters make your lungs or your skin feel like they’re on fire. People with sensitive skin, allergies or asthma often have as much trouble living with the cure as they did the pest.

That’s the beauty of Cryonite. The revolutionary new bed bug eradication treatment does not use harsh chemicals, nor does it leave noxious or poisonous residues. Cryonite is a completely “green” solution to killing pests. It’s safe for people with sensitive skin, asthma, medical conditions, babies, young children and pets, which makes it the perfect choice for day care centers, nursing homes, schools and hospitals. It’s fast, effective and kills even pest-resistant bed bugs (and roaches). A totally dry method of pest elimination, Cryonite leaves no liquid residue which allows for immediate use of your home or business after treatment. Click the post title to find out how Cryonite works.

Cryonite is becoming the “pesticide” of choice in the fight against bed bugs. A recent customer with severe skin allergies chose Cryonite so there would be no pesticides on her clothes, shoes or linens after treatment. A woman who was obviously channeling Imelda Marcos, she had an extensive shoe collection that she thought she’d have to throw away when bed bugs were discovered in her condo. She was thrilled to learn that with Cryonite we could kill the bed bugs and she could keep the shoes. One of the significant advantages of Cryonite is that it kills bugs quickly and completely — at every stage of development, including eggs — and leaves no telltale residue. Your clothing, shoes and possessions are pesticide-free and ready to wear when we leave.