Mark Your Calendar for Bed Bug Seminar

Bed bugs are public enemy #1 in NYC. The city is launching a comprehensive effort to educate New York residents about the pesky blood suckers and crack down on landlords who don’t get rid of them. On Monday, January 28, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the city will host the first of a series of informative Bed Bug Seminars in the first floor conference room of Russ Berrie Pavilion at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The hospital is located at 1150 St. Nicholas Ave. at 168th St. in the city. The program will include:

  • How to recognize bed bugs.
  • How to prevent bed bug infestations.
  • How to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Click the post title for complete information or contact the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development. For immediate answers to your bed bug questions, click here.

Here at Stern Environmental, we’ve been in the vanguard in the fight against invading bed bugs for some time. Last year saw record hordes of the annoying little chompers spreading across the city. This year promises to surpass even 2007’s record nationwide resurgence of the nasty pest. Some are predicting 2008 will be the Year of the Bed Bug. Cindy Mannes, spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association, said bed bugs have become a serious problem in every state, including frigid Alaska. “There are some who call it the pest of the 21st century,” she said.

In 2004, NYC received 1,800 complaints about bed bugs. Last year saw that number more than triple to 7,000 complaints. The same thing is happening nationwide. All but eradicated in the U.S. following WWII, the banning of powerful DDT-based pesticides, coupled with increased international travel, has brought about a nationwide resurgence of the pesky critters. The new chemical-free Cryonite system may hold the key to the total eradication of bed bugs. Using pressurized carbon dioxide “snow” to reach, freeze and kill bed bugs where they hide, the Cryonite system is the only treatment program that kills adult bugs, larva and eggs simultaneously.

We urge you to attend the city-sponsored bed bug seminars or visit our website to get educated about bed bugs and how to prevent them. But if you have or get bed bugs, don’t wait another minute. Call Stern immediately. Don’t spend another sleepless night as the main course in a bed bug orgy. Let “The Cryoniter” put paid to your bed bug problem — permanently.