Bed Bug Control Going to the Dogs in Boston

It may not be as effective as our Cryonite extermination system, but it’s definitely a new wrinkle in the fight against bed bugs. At the exclusive Jurys Boston Hotel, bed bugs are going to the dogs. In its nearly 4 years of operation, Jurys has never had a bed bug incident. Even so, last year the hotel instituted canine patrols of bed bug-sniffing dogs to patrol its 225 guest rooms.

The specially trained canine pest hunters have only barked twice, apparently detecting the scent of the tiny blood-suckers or their eggs. In both cases, Jurys took no chances. They immediately fumigated the room for bed bugs and burned the mattresses.

“At the first sign or suggestion of a problem, our reaction would be to treat the room with chemicals, no questions asked,” said general manager Stephen Johnston in an interview with The Boston Globe. Johnston calls in the canine patrol for an inspection every three months.

While guest comfort is high on hotels’ lists when contracting for pest control, avoiding potential law suits must run a close second. A couple from New Jersey sued the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers last fall after claiming they were bitten by bed bugs during a two-night stay.

Jurys isn’t about to take any chances, and they’re not the only hotel whose pest control service is going to the dogs. About 10 Boston hotels use the services of Advanced K9 Detectives in Milford, Connecticut.