Bronx Launches Rat Eradication Campaign

This rat would have been a challenge even for Bobby Corrigan. Scientists in Uruguay have discovered fossil evidence of a one ton rodent as big as a bull! With a 20-inch scull, 8-foot long body and weighing in at 1,700 to 3,000 pounds, the beast wouldn’t have scurried into your basement through a gap in the sewer outlet, he’d have just battered down your door! Not that Corrigan wouldn’t be up to the challenge. Corrigan is New York City’s full-time rodent hunter.

Pulling in a six-figure city salary, the noted (and notorious) rodentologist has been training city workers for the past two years to trap rodents instead of just chasing them elsewhere. Now Corrigan’s been put in charge of a pilot program to rid the Bronx of its burgeoning rat population. If the 18-month program is successful, it will be expanded citywide.

Even as you read this, swarms of Health Department inspectors are blanketing the Bronx, looking for and recording signs of the disease-spreading rodents. A public prevention campaign is being launched to school residents in protecting their homes from rat infiltration. The city is doubling its complement of health inspectors who are expected to visit up to 200 properties a day. Property owners who fail to get rid of rats could be fined. With fines starting at $200, you’ll want to keep Stern Environmental Group’s phone number (locally: 201-319-9620 or toll free: 1-888-887-8376) handy in case you find evidence of rats on your property. Click here for information on Stern’s highly effective commercial and residential rat control services.

NYC Prepares to Attack Bed Bug Epidemic

Today New York City announced the launching of a campaign to alert residents to the bed bug epidemic that is spreading through the city, even those parts inhabited by the rich and famous (see our January 14 post).

The NYC housing department will kick off the info campaign with a town hall meeting on January 28 in Washington Heights where residents have been fighting record outbreaks of the blood-sucking critters. Community forums will follow in other well-bitten neighborhoods: Astoria on February 5 and Bushwick, Brooklyn on March 12. Information on identifying, exterminating and preventing bed bug infestations will be provided in English and Spanish.

“Rich people get bedbugs and poor people get bedbugs,” City Councilwoman
Gale Brewer told the Daily News. “We need to overcome the stigma and create a
public outcry so people will know what to do when they get them.” Brewer has
sponsored a bill to create a city-wide bed bug task force. (Click here to read the whole article.)

For pictures and information on identifying bed bugs and how to tell if you have them, click here. If you think you might have bed bugs, call Stern Environmental Group today. We are specialists in bed bug eradication and understand the importance of fast action. Our new Cryonite system uses CO2 vapor to penetrate tiny cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide and kill them before they can escape. Unlike other bed bug treatments, Cryonite kills bed bugs at every stage of development, including eggs. To learn more about this revolutionary bed bug extermination system, click here for information on Cryonite.

Bed Bugs Invade NYC!

Bed bugs are equal opportunity pests and they’re taking a chomp out of New York City. “Bedbug epidemic attacks New York City,” screamed the Daily News on December 30, 2007. Staff reporter Douglas Feiden wrote, “A bedbug epidemic has exploded in every corner of New York City — striking even upper East Side luxury apartments owned by Gov. Spitzer’s father.”

No longer relegated to Skid Row fleabags, bed bugs have invaded the luxury suites of the rich and famous. The Daily News article chronicled recent outbreaks of the nasty blood-suckers at an upscale clothier on Madison Avenue, a noted law firm at One World Financial Center, luxury apartments on East 72nd Street and in SoHo, a 5-star Central Park hotel, college dormitories and several private and public schools (click the post title to read the full article).

In NYC and across the country, bed bug infestations have escalated exponentially (kind of like the little buggers breed). In 2004, the city received 537 bed bug complaints and 82 landlords were cited. In 2007, those numbers rose to 6,889 complaints and 2,008 citations. Increases in bed bug complaints span the country and appear to be the result of increased international travel and the banning of DDT, which had essentially eradicated the critters in the U.S. after WWII. However, bed bugs are prolific and hardy and it hasn’t taken them long to regain their pre-WWII status at the top of the country’s “Most Wanted” list. In fact, a new “super bed bug” seems to be on the rise that seems to be impervious to commonly used pesticides.

To learn more about bed bugs, how protect yourself and your family, and how to kill bed bugs, click here.

New "Green" Pest Control Acts Instantly Without Poisons

People are excited about Stern Environmental Group’s new environmentally-friendly insect extermination treatment — Cyronite. We’ve had so many calls and orders for this revolutionary pest control system that we’re in the process of expanding this part of our business to meet the demand!

Cryonite uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to rapidly freeze and kill insects and their eggs. It’s particularly effective on pesticide resistant bedbugs and hard-to-kill German cockroaches. Popularized in Europe and Australia but just introduced in the United States, the Cryonite system is only available from a select number of pest control companies, including Stern Environmental Group.

Cryonite system uses no toxic chemicals, making it is ideally suited for use in sensitive areas like homes, day care centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and restaurants. Cyronite’s instant kill action means that hotel and motel rooms can be rented immediately after treatment. Cruise ships can be treated with no scheduling delay for detoxification or clean up. The hospitality industry is showing major interest in Cryonite. The green pest control system maximizes occupancy rates and lowers down time for infected rooms.

For more information about Cryonite, click the post title or click here to contact Stern Environmental.

Don’t Move Out When Roaches Invade! Cryonite to the Rescue!

Comedian Mark Malkoff moved into the Elizabeth, New Jersey IKEA store on Monday while his New York City apartment is being fumigated for cockroaches. If he’d just called Stern, he’d never have had to leave home.

Known for his 2007 video 171 Starbucks, the 31-year-old filmmaker dragged along a camera crew to document his week-long stay at the world’s most famous do-it-yourself furniture store. (Watch the video on While he’s been impressed with the spaciousness of his new IKEA bedroom suite (twice the size of his Queens apartment), he’s already run into a few snags: The sinks don’t work and the toilet is just a prop, as are the refrigerator, TV, washer and dryer. He’s showering in the staff locker room, cooking his meals in the staff cafeteria, and spending his days chatting up the customers. Of course, if his landlord had used Stern’s new Cryonite extermination system, Malkoff could have stayed home.

Cryonite is the green solution to effective pest control. Chemical-free and non-toxic it’s an environmentally friendly way to kill bugs that has proven particularly effective against nasty German cockroaches and pesticide-resistant bed bugs. The Cryonite system works by creating a penetrating carbon dioxide snow that vaporizes to penetrate cracks and crevices, under floorboards, behind baseboards, the undersides of furniture, behind appliances, inside bedding and box springs, and other hard-to-reach places where roaches and bed bugs hide and multiply. It freezes the bugs before they can scurry away and kills them — and unlike many pesticides, Cryonite is effective on bugs in all stages of development, including eggs.

Cryonite application produces no pesticide smells, messy wet residues or health implications. The CO2 used is food grade quality which presents no contamination risk. Click the post title for more information on Cryonite, the green solution to your pest problems.