Bed Bug Seminar to be Held in Queens

Bed bugs have invaded New York and the city is fighting back! In its continuing effort to educate its citizens, the city will host the second in its series of informative Bed Bug Seminars from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, February 5 at Ricardo’s Catering Hall, 21-01 24th Avenue in Astoria, Queens. Call the Department of Housing Preservation and Development at 212-863-8830 to reserve a space and for more information. Spanish translation will be provided. The program will include:

  • How to recognize bed bugs.
  • How to prevent bed bug infestations.
  • How to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

“Bed bugs do not discriminate and we must do everything we can to stop the spread of the epidemic in our city,” said Council Member Miguel Martinez. “Consumers must be educated about buying used mattresses and of the signs to look for when bitten by the bed bug. The public’s education is desperately needed.”

Bed bug complaints in Astoria climbed from 41 in 2004 to 345 last year. Reports of bed bugs have increased across all of New York’s boroughs. Last year the city logged 6,889 infestation complaints and cited 2,008 building owners. Bed bug complaints soared at nearly all — 57 out of 59 — of the city’s community boards. Some of the worst hit areas are Astoria, Long Island City, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Central Harlem and Bushwick.

“The bed bugs epidemic is one that is adversely affecting all sectors of our community,” said Council Member Diana Reyna. “This issue deserves our full and undivided attention. Educating the community is the first step towards ensuring the safety, proper management and elimination of this problem. A well-informed resident is a safe resident.”

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