Rabid Raccoon? Who You Gonna Call?

Recently a motorist in my neighborhood saw a raccoon standing in the roadway, foaming at the mouth and growling at cars. Raccoons are know carriers of rabies so the man called police, who referred him to animal control, who passed him to public health, who sent him to natural resources, which told him, “Shoot it if it’s on your property.”

Seems like you’re on your own if you see a rabid raccoon in your neighborhood. Shooting a dangerous animal might make sense in the wilds of Wyoming, but in my crowded city neighborhood, it’s not smart, safe or legal. Police deal with wild people, not animals. Animal control focuses on cats and dogs and isn’t equipped to handle wildlife. Local wildlife centers will tell you how to capture a wounded animal so you can bring it in for treatment. This is great for baby birds, but I wouldn’t want to get that close to a sick raccoon.

Raccoons are known carriers of rabies and canine distemper. Rabies can be passed to humans and other animals. Distemper is not contagious to humans but can be transmitted to other animals.

If you come across a rabid, sick or wounded raccoon or other wild animal, it’s best to call an animal control company immediately. Wild animals are unpredictable and dangerous. Don’t put your family, children or pets at risk, call Stern Environmental.

Fox 5 News Thinking of Doing a Piece on Bed Bugs

Fox 5 Local News has asked Stern Environmental Group to sit down with them sometime in the near future and discuss the problems bed bugs cause, how bed bug infestations are increasing, and what new bed bug extermination treatments are available.

Their parent company Fox News in New York City has recently been infiltrated by bed bugs. Usually unflappable news anchors were feeling the strain. Warren Vandeveer, senior VP for operations and engineering, said they didn’t realize the extent of the problem until an employee “caught a bug and showed it to us.” Experts identified it as Cimex Lectularius, the common bed bug.

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and despite an exterminator’s efforts to eliminate them from the newsroom, they kept returning. In an effort to nail down the source of the infestation, the homes of 20 Fox employees were inspected. In one employee’s home, Vandeveer said the exterminator found “the worst infestation he had seen in 25 years in the business.”

You only need to go through the “bed bug nightmare” once to be on the lookout for new, more effective solutions to bed bug problems.  The Wall Street Journal has recently interviewed Douglas Stern about bed bugs in the New York City metro region.

Douglas Stern is quickly becoming the sought out expert on bed bug extermination and now Fox 5 Local News is interested too. Maybe the Fox News headquarters in New York City should ask Douglas Stern about Cryonite, the new freezing treatment for bed bug extermination for their own problem!

Exterminators and Music

I recently made a post about a comic book which chronicles the heroics of exterminators. Well, now I  sadly inform you that someone had the gumption to write  a musical  titled “Pest Control…The Musical.” No I have not been drinking martinis. The plot centers on a New York City exterminator who has been wrongly identified as an assassin and has been contracted to kill the most dangerous man in the world.

I am more outraged than bed bug victims. Why? Because the writer  stole my idea! I was composing an opera with the exact same plot line. It was going to be a lavish production. Well, kind of, sort of, maybe. I’m fumigating! I mean fuming! I’m going to call my tenacious lawyers Sue Peena and Ali Mony over at Dewey Cheatem and Howe and sue for millions;  maybe just for free tickets to the musical.

I have spent a vast amount of years  composing my odious opera under the tutelage of my mentors Mozart and Puccini; yes I’m that old. I’ve been pouting like a bed bug since I heard about the monumental musical. Does anyone want to buy the rights to an Auria featuring an overweight bed bug exterminator insisting his Weight Watchers  piece of pie is crying out for some ice cream?

How Cryonite Kills Bed Bugs

With bed bugs on the upsurge, everyone’s looking for a silver bullet that will annihilate these blood-sucking pests. Our customers tell us Cryonite is that silver bullet. Our revolutionary new Cryonite system is the most effective bed bug killer on the market.

Cryonite uses no chemicals and leaves no noxious residue, making it safe for families, children, seniors and pets. Using pressurized carbon dioxide, Cryonite produces a vapor-like “snow” that penetrates bed bug hiding places other treatments can’t reach. Vapors penetrate bedding, box springs, under furniture, and in cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, freezing them instantly before they scurry away.

Rapid freezing crystallizes the fluid in their body cells, killing the bugs. Cryonite particles are optimized to seek out and kill bed bugs in all stages of development, including eggs. Other treatments don’t kill bed bug eggs, making repeated toxic applications necessary as each new generation hatches.

A truly “green” system, Cryonite is completely non-toxic and recycled from industrial processes. Food grade CO2 is used which presents no risk of contamination, even in sensitive settings like hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, hotels, restaurants — and your family home. Click here to find out more about Cryonite.

The Wall Street Journal and Stern Environmental

The renowned Wall Street Journal is a prominent source for mergers and acquisitions, quarterly reports, insights on industries and bed bugs. That’s right bed bugs. The Wall Street Journal has recently written an article  on Cimex lectularius aka bed bugs. The article discusses the latest technologies used for exterminating the critters and of course it features Stern Environmental and sought out our bed bug expert and managing partner Douglas Stern for a comment. They were not talking about frozen assets they were talking about frozen beg bugs.

One of the weapons Stern Environmental uses to defeat bed bugs is the cutting edge technology from London known as Cryonite. It’s basically a snowy spray made from carbon dioxide which destroys the bed bugs and their eggs by freezing them. You don’t have to entice the critters to your freezer or escort them to Antarctica, just call Stern Environmental and they will gladly take care of the task for you.

Cryonite is chemical free and non-toxic. It can even penetrate cracks and crevices in order to freeze the bed bugs to death. The CO2 found in Cryonite is recycled from industrial processes; therefore the product does not put out additional CO2 into the environment. If pesticides have not worked, try some Cryonite.