Insecticide Resistant Bed Bugs? The Scoop

Legendary stories of bed bugs morphing into super bed bugs that sneer and defiantly stare when confronted by powerful pesticides may not be filling the Internet (at least not presently) but blogs and articles have been focusing on the terrifying prospect of bed bugs becoming resistant to our prized pesticides.

Some claim that the pesticides are actually aiding the enemy and have produced pesticide resistance bed bugs. Is this true? Probably not. What actually happens, a few lucky bed bugs are naturally resistant to a particular pesticide and manage to survive the battle with the bug killer. Their cohorts were not fortunate enough to have been born with the genetically made protection and they are destroyed by the pesticide. The disputed pesticide has been wrongfully accused of creating super durable bed bugs. The bug killer should be praised for removing the vast majority of the bed bugs and not blamed for creating insecticide resistant bed bugs.

Unfortunately, the beg bugs that have the natural resistance to a particular pesticide mate with other beg bugs and the genetic resistance is given to their multitude of offspring. Soon a thriving population of bed bugs, resistant to a prestigious pesticide is formed. What to do? Use another pesticide or another strategy. The battle must go on.

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