Are You Sharing Your Seat With Bed Bugs?

I remember the first time my daughter brought home the dreaded lice letter. There were lice in her classroom. It meant wrapping coats and bookbags in plastic, nightly combings looking for nits, warnings about sharing hairbands, a moratorium on sleepovers. Lice were being spread by everything from language lab headphones to Little League batting helmets. My neighbor’s daughter brought them home from the movie theater.

It didn’t matter how clean your house was, how often you bathed and washed your hair or how diligently you kept up with the wash. If you sat where a lice-infected person had just been, the little critters crawled onto your body. They didn’t really hurt you, just itched a lot; but the ICK factor was major! And the amount of work it took to get rid of them was a nightmare.

It’s the same with bed bugs. If you grab a taxi, sit in a theater seat, catch a plane, hop on a bus, take a seat in the classroom, squeeze into a subway or stay in a hotel that has just been visited by a bed bug-infected person, chances are you’ll be itching soon yourself. Like lice, bed bugs won’t kill you, don’t live on filth and spread even faster. It’s the ICK factor that will turn your world upside down.