Bed Bugs Apologize to Their Victims

Gripping, compelling, horrifying; no I am not talking about the latest thriller to reach the best selling paperbacks list. I’m talking about “The Exterminators.” It’s a comic book chronicling the heroic efforts and other activities of pest control personnel that deal with cockroaches. The cockroaches are made from granite and they enjoy tickling people; well actually they’re just ordinary cockroaches. I have not read the comic book so if it’s not gripping, compelling and horrifying please don’t send me a grumpy email.

I’m sure New York City’s courageous bed bug fighting fellows could also be quite captivating if they were depicted in a comic book. Their legendary heroics are already shown on Imax screens throughout Europe; well not yet. Perhaps the bed bug exterminators comic book could be informative and talk about insecticides but perhaps the people who served as a meal for the annoying critters would prefer a comic book showcasing the horrible little insects being destroyed by a former bassoon salesman. Maybe a comic book that chronicles the bed bugs giving “dripping with audacity” apologies to the citizens of New York City for all the havoc they have caused would be a better idea.  After the apologies are excepted, well let’s go with rejected the bed bugs leave the city and head to Boston.