Cryonite: New Silver Bullet in the Bed Bug War

“We are looking for the silver bullet,” bed bug expert Michael Potter, a professor of entomology at the University of Kentucky, told the Wall Street Journal in a new article on America’s growing bed bug problem. Culling information from national experts, the Journal spoke to Douglas Stern, owner of Stern Environmental Group, about new methods of eradicating the noxious blood-sucking pests.

Stern has had remarkable success eliminating bed bug infestations with the amazing new Cryonite quick-freeze treatment. Popular in Europe and Australia, Cryonite stops bed bugs before they can scurry into hiding places, freezing them in their tracks and then killing them. The CO2 “frost” penetrates tiny cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Unlike traditional pesticide treatments and other new methods being tried by pest control companies, Cryonite is extremely effective in killing bed bugs at all stages of development: adults, larva and eggs. And Stern has found Cryonite to be totally effective against pesticide-resistant bugs that other methods won’t kill.

What distinguishes Cryonite from other new pest control methods is that it is a green, environmentally friendly, completely chemical-free and non-toxic method of eradicating bed bugs. Even immediately after treatment, your home remains safe for your family, children and pets.