The Wall Street Journal and Stern Environmental

The renowned Wall Street Journal is a prominent source for mergers and acquisitions, quarterly reports, insights on industries and bed bugs. That’s right bed bugs. The Wall Street Journal has recently written an article  on Cimex lectularius aka bed bugs. The article discusses the latest technologies used for exterminating the critters and of course it features Stern Environmental and sought out our bed bug expert and managing partner Douglas Stern for a comment. They were not talking about frozen assets they were talking about frozen beg bugs.

One of the weapons Stern Environmental uses to defeat bed bugs is the cutting edge technology from London known as Cryonite. It’s basically a snowy spray made from carbon dioxide which destroys the bed bugs and their eggs by freezing them. You don’t have to entice the critters to your freezer or escort them to Antarctica, just call Stern Environmental and they will gladly take care of the task for you.

Cryonite is chemical free and non-toxic. It can even penetrate cracks and crevices in order to freeze the bed bugs to death. The CO2 found in Cryonite is recycled from industrial processes; therefore the product does not put out additional CO2 into the environment. If pesticides have not worked, try some Cryonite.