Exterminators and Music

I recently made a post about a comic book which chronicles the heroics of exterminators. Well, now I  sadly inform you that someone had the gumption to write  a musical  titled “Pest Control…The Musical.” No I have not been drinking martinis. The plot centers on a New York City exterminator who has been wrongly identified as an assassin and has been contracted to kill the most dangerous man in the world.

I am more outraged than bed bug victims. Why? Because the writer  stole my idea! I was composing an opera with the exact same plot line. It was going to be a lavish production. Well, kind of, sort of, maybe. I’m fumigating! I mean fuming! I’m going to call my tenacious lawyers Sue Peena and Ali Mony over at Dewey Cheatem and Howe and sue for millions;  maybe just for free tickets to the musical.

I have spent a vast amount of years  composing my odious opera under the tutelage of my mentors Mozart and Puccini; yes I’m that old. I’ve been pouting like a bed bug since I heard about the monumental musical. Does anyone want to buy the rights to an Auria featuring an overweight bed bug exterminator insisting his Weight Watchers  piece of pie is crying out for some ice cream?