Bed Bugs Solving Crimes?

Bed bugs may be called to court to testify in major crime cases. Well actually, since human blood along with DNA can be extracted from bed bugs, the DNA can potentially be used as evidence that a suspect was at a specific crime scene. Don’t be surprised if you hear an FBI agent praising a bed bug. Criminals will now have to be looking out for crime solving bed bugs.

Perhaps a thief will gladly pay an exterminator to fumigate the mansion he intends to brake into.  It might become trendy for thieves to be accompanied by  bed bug sniffing beagles dressed in black.  I suggest the thieves schedule the pest control personnel to arrive at the mansion when the potential victims are out shopping for ascots.  

I suppose criminals will now be scared away if they notice a “we have bed bugs” sign in a house window. Perhaps security alarms and the services of security companies will no longer be required. 

Criminals will be seeking lawyers who have the expertise to convince juries that the bed bug which contains the client’s DNA actually bit him at a fast food restaurant, then jumped on the real criminal and then jumped off at the scene of the crime. I still think we should destroy the little critters.