Bed Bug Victim Praises Cryonite

At Stern Environmental Group our customers are singing the praises of our revolutionary green solution to eliminating bed bugs — Cryonite. We just received a letter from another customer who was completely satisfied with Stern’s bed bug elimination team and the application of Cryonite to rid his home of bed bugs.

After four months of unsuccessful chemical treatment by another pest control firm, he called Stern to ask about Cryonite. In part, here’s what our customer had to say about Stern and Cryonite (click the link to read his entire letter):

“Wilson, one of your Technician Supervisors, was dispatched to my home and mirrored the professional and sympathetic demeanor that I had also experienced when scheduling with Ella. Wilson took the time to explain the process that was going to take place, what my responsibilities were to ensure that this problem remains resolved, then he diligently and with great attention to detail treated my home. . . . He responsibly took the time necessary to ensure total extermination of the bugs almost as if he was working in his own home. The methods and processes utilized by Wilson ultimately proved to be outstanding since my infestation is now completely remedied. . . . After so many months of on-going issues with these pests, I once again have a sense of peace in my home.”