Chickens, Humans and Bed Bugs

It seems to be common knowledge that bed bugs had been nearly eliminated in the United States before the recent surge of attacks by the little critters. However, some researchers believe that they were simply hiding out in chicken farms, feasting on poultry. Due to boredom or perhaps a preference for human blood the bed bugs occasionally attached themselves to humans working at the chicken farms and went home with their new companions and laid eggs and invaded the communities. Experts don’t believe it was a well organized scheme by the critters. 

Researchers claim they have actually discovered noteworthy populations of bed bugs at chicken farms.  They theorize that bed bugs transferring from poultry farms to human communities might be a major factor in their resurgence all over the world. Citizens of New York City and other urban areas may be dealing with a bigger problem than tourists carrying the critters in their suitcases.

Markets featuring live chickens situated in urban centers may also be contributing to the problem. The bed bugs from these markets could be entering the neighboring buildings and going home with the customers. Instead of purchasing a live chicken for a meal perhaps an avocado and cheese sandwich  might be safer.