Exterminator Company Sued Over Bed Bugs

Two visitors have sued the Milford Plaza and the hotel’s exterminating company. The judge denied the request for punitive damages, however she allowed the negligence claims of the tourists to go forward. They are requesting two million dollars in compensatory damages.

The hotel management only hired the exterminator company to eliminate bed bugs from two rooms, which happened to be in the vicinity of the plaintiff’s room. The judge ruled that the exterminator company’s duties were so “comprehensive and exclusive” that it was obligated to keep the other hotel rooms in “a reasonably safe condition.” 

In order to avoid an expensive lawsuit should an exterminator company exterminate 108 hotel rooms when they are only being paid for servicing 8 rooms?

Perhaps exterminator companies should sue hotels they provided services for that did not sign a contract which allowed the company to exterminate all the rooms. After all, the hotel management should have realized the exterminator company might be sued and they assumed a duty not to place the company in a terrible position of being part of a lawsuit.

Maybe shoppers will sue a fumigator who eliminated bed bugs from a particular store, however he did not exterminate at a store located thirty yards away where the shoppers were attacked by bed bugs. This is preposterous.