Raccoons, Meat Balls and Exploding Bug Bombs

A lot of people use pesticides around their house for a variety of purposes.  Pesticides include products such as mold and mildew cleaners, weed killers and chemicals utilized for pools.  Sometimes serious blunders occur which have serious consequences.

A woman placed some grainy pesticides into some meat balls. Her goal was to entice the raccoons that were giving her problems to gobble up the chemicals. The suspicious raccoons refused to eat the treats. She placed the meat balls in the freezer and the unsuspecting husband  had them for a meal. Fortunately, the hospital staff was able to save him. Perhaps it’s best to let professionals handle raccoons in an appropriate manner.

A man placed bug bombs on top of his gas stove. The aerosol was ignited by the stove’s pilot light. The man was surprised when he noticed blown out windows , walls pushed out of position and serious roof damage. It’s very important  to turn off  all ignition sources before using bug bombs. 

According to my abacus the man would have be in a significantly better financial situation  if he had obtained the services of a professional exterminator. When his wife came home he sighed and  said to his wife “Oops, would you like a Pepsi?” Well, I’m joking. Be safe and consider using professionals.