Man Intentionally puts Bed Bugs on his Legs

You probably read the title twice. It’s not a huge typo. Perhaps the man was just lonely. Is he a goofball? After doing some pondering, surmising and some contemplating on the issue, I think it is a possibility.

Well, actually he’s a scientist  performing research on bed bugs.  During the 1970’s he kept a colony of  bed bugs alive by allowing them to feast on his legs. He began with about 600 and they have multiplied into the thousands.

When he was deployed to Vietnam he couldn’t find a courageous person to serve as a meal for the critters. When he came back a year later he was astonished to discover that some were actually alive.

 An entomologist is now utilizing some of the beg bugs for research. His goal is to create a type of trap that can monitor the presence of the critters. Pest control companies may be satisfied they have eliminated all the bed bugs from a home but it would be great if they could install a monitoring device just to make sure they are all gone. 

I may fight off a grumpy grizzly bear to protect my community but I am not putting bed bugs on my legs for the good of society.