Cryonite and Dead Bed Bugs

If you are one of the seven thousand people residing in New York City who in 2008 registered a complaint about the obnoxious bed bugs, I suggest instead of enticing them out the door with a plate full of lasagna (probably won’t work) you might want to ask an exterminator to freeze them to death with poison-free Cryonite. The substance has been very effective in Europe and Australia. 

As mentioned in a recent article Stern Environmental is one of small number of  companies that can offer the use of Cryonite in the United States. The Carbon Dioxide snow destroys the critters and their eggs and is very effective with the bed bugs who enjoy the aroma of insecticides and refuse to die.

Douglas Stern, the Managing Partner of Stern Environmental has been recently quoted in the New York Times, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal; not about the complexity of derivatives but about eliminating bed bugs. He provides advice to media all over the country about how to deal with the critters. Yes, bed bugs have increased the exposure of Stern Environmental but I will not offer the little critters a firm handshake for their role in the company obtaining recent media attention. However, I will offer them a properly chilled Cryonite cocktail.