Stern Offers “Green” Earth Day Solutions to Pest Control

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day and everyone’s talking about “green” solutions to save our planet. Stern Environmental Group has long been a believer in environmentally friendly solutions to pest control problems.

Stern is one of an elite few pest control companies to introduce to the U.S. the revolutionary new non-toxic Cryonite system so popular in Europe. Cryonite uses no toxic pesticides or harmful chemicals and is extremely effective against bed bugs, pesticide-resistant German cockroaches, Indian meal moths and other annoying insects. With no noxious odors, messy wet residues or health implications, Cryonite is safe for children, pets (even fish!), asthmatics, allergy sufferers and the elderly.

Cryonite kills insects by freezing them with a carbon dioxide vapor that can penetrate into cracks and crevices and reach the undersides of furniture. The CO2 used is food-grade quality recycled from industrial processes. A truly “green” system, Cryonite does not add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Our unique Track & Trap mouse and rat control system is another “green” solution to pest control. This innovative system uses a fluorescent powder to track rodents to their nests. Entry points into your home or business are pinpointed and permanently sealed, keeping rodents out. The fluorescent tracking powder allows nests and dens to be located and rodents trapped and permanently removed.