Stern Offers “Green” Earth Day Solutions to Pest Control

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day and everyone’s talking about “green” solutions to save our planet. Stern Environmental Group has long been a believer in environmentally friendly solutions to pest control problems.

Stern is one of an elite few pest control companies to introduce to the U.S. the revolutionary new non-toxic Cryonite system so popular in Europe. Cryonite uses no toxic pesticides or harmful chemicals and is extremely effective against bed bugs, pesticide-resistant German cockroaches, Indian meal moths and other annoying insects. With no noxious odors, messy wet residues or health implications, Cryonite is safe for children, pets (even fish!), asthmatics, allergy sufferers and the elderly.

Cryonite kills insects by freezing them with a carbon dioxide vapor that can penetrate into cracks and crevices and reach the undersides of furniture. The CO2 used is food-grade quality recycled from industrial processes. A truly “green” system, Cryonite does not add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Our unique Track & Trap mouse and rat control system is another “green” solution to pest control. This innovative system uses a fluorescent powder to track rodents to their nests. Entry points into your home or business are pinpointed and permanently sealed, keeping rodents out. The fluorescent tracking powder allows nests and dens to be located and rodents trapped and permanently removed.

3 thoughts on “Stern Offers “Green” Earth Day Solutions to Pest Control”

  1. Hello all! I like what you have going on here but, I have a bit of information that you may not be aware of. Because I work in the pest management industry, you may be tempted to shut me out. Don’t run off so quick. I’m on your side! Just hear me out. You may be surprised about what I have to tell all of you. It’s good news for those of you that care about your health and the environment. I can appreciate what you are trying to do in the way of environmentally friendly, health conscious, do it yourself pest management. What you may not know is that most, if not all, of the methods you are using, are the exact methods that have been used by the pest management industry for the last 12-14 years. In some cases, we have been practicing these methods even longer than 14 years. On the outside, my industry is perceived in a bad way. It’s really sad too because, this has led to people over applying and misapplying pesticides, with the intension of reducing the negative effects falsely associated with commercial pest management practices. We (the pest management industry) are thought of as rotten polluters and dullards, unconcerned with the health of animals and humans. This could not be farther from the truth. There is no one person, or industry, more concerned with these issues than we are. To understand this you must realize the extreme liability that is involved with what we do. Every single day we are contracted to remove hazardous pest problems in schools, restaurants, homes, hospitals, day cares, office buildings and many other places that are concerned with, not only pests but also, they are concerned with pesticides. This is why we are the best qualified when it comes to controlling pests in a sensitive environment. Our customers don’t want pests. Nor do they want to be exposed to hazardous materials. As a result, our industry has evolved into one that looks a lot like what you are all trying to do on your own (only safer and more effective). I read all about all of your, homemade, boric acid bait concoctions and other home remedies. We have been using boric acid baits for decades. (Only we apply ours into cracks and wall voids, not as big blobs that lay around for the dog to eat.) I read about your use of organic pyrethrum and pyrethrins to control insects on plants and around the house. We use these things all day, every day. We have been using them for decades but we apply them at rates that are safe when applied according to the label. Non-professionals double and triple doses until they finally fail and give up. You don’t need to use more pesticides if you are trained on where to put them and what products to use. All of these “Green” or “Non-Toxic” products that you think are exclusive to environmentalists or specialized “Green” pest management firms are not exclusive. They are common coin throughout our industry. We all have them and don’t use anything else. In fact, even if we had the desire to use a highly toxic pesticide (We don’t have this desire. We don’t like to get sued.), we even couldn’t find one simply because, the manufactures don’t even make things like that anymore. They don’t exist! Even if they did, our industry would have no use for them because we don’t want anything to do with the lawsuits that would be associated with the use of harmful products. I sit here and I read about all of these things that you are doing to (supposedly) safely control your own pest and I have to laugh because, you are not only using the wrong products but, you are using way too much of them and, you are putting them in the wrong locations. Your attempt to lower the environmental impact and expose yourself to fewer pesticides is resulting in the exact opposite. You talk about pouring boric acid all over the place, for roach control, when a tiny placement of a gel bait (many times boric acid based and placed in a crack) would do the trick. This is just one of many examples of over application. You should call a professional if you want less exposure to pesticides. We are just not the nasty kind folks that we are made out to be. We are way more concerned about this stuff than you are. We are concerned about it in ways that you will never understand. It is not about the environment for us. It’s about that and more for us. Thanks for reading me.

    P.S. If you think you are going to get 100% rodent control by plugging holes, you are wrong. If you plug a hole on the outside of a structure, you might stop them from getting in. However, if you have an attached garage, they will still be able to get in. A brand new door is not tight enough to keep out a mouse. You must use traps or bait to prevent this invasion. If you believe otherwise, you are a fool. If you plug holes on the inside of a structure, you will only divert them. They will simply chew a hole in the wall and get out anyway. After 15 years of trying to control rodents via mechanical exclusion, I am much smarter now. You will fail with this technique. I have no desire to sell you a product or a service. I don’t even know where you live. I’m just giving you the facts based on 15 years of experience. I hope you don’t waste your $$$ on useless electronic devices or plugging holes. It won’t work!

  2. Green pest control is available for birds as well. Companies such as Bird-X have continually been providing effective, humane, and eco-friendly methods of bird and critter control. Earth day can be practiced year round, and without the buildup of disease laden bird droppings.

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