Good News about Cockroaches

The New York City Health Department claimed that progress has been made regarding the battle with cockroaches. However 30% of the households have reported to be hosts for the annoying pests. They are residing primarily in poor neighborhoods.  One resident claimed he has not seen a cockroach in 10 years. He was pleading with them to come home (perhaps not).

There are a variety of products which can destroy the cockroaches. For those of you who are adventurous you can hire a gang of wasps to destroy the eggs. You can utilize the pest control services of wasps belonging to the Ampulicidae family. They’re predators of the adults and nymphal cockroaches. The house centipede is the star when it comes to getting rid of cockroaches. If you have human visitors, some might consider your choice of exterminators to be quite rude or very silly or quite odd. 

Cryonite, used by Stern Environmental has been very effective at destroying German cockroaches as well as their egg cases. It’s a non-toxic carbon dioxide that freezes them to death and has been very effective with bed bugs. We don’t recommend a battalion of wasps or purchasing three tons of centipedes (even if you have a coupon) because if you do city officials might put your name in a special file. Try some Cryonite.