We’re Seeking Bed Bug Victims to Share Their Story on TV

The national media has sunk their teeth into what they call the bed bug story: the exploding number of bed bug infestations being reported across the country. As a national expert in the extermination of bed bugs, Douglas Stern, managing partner of Stern Environmental Group, has been deluged with media requests from nationally televised stations and syndicated media groups. Not content with handsome head shots of our fearless leader discussing the merits of Cryonite or footage of our crack technicians at work eradicating bed bugs, the national media wants to talk to the bed bug victims themselves.

To encourage you to share your testimony we’ll treat your home FREE! We understand that you may not want to share your identity on television and so will work to protect your name and face from exposure on television, but please consider sharing your story to help others understand the suffering you are going through.

The media is anxious to illustrate the true horror of living with these blood-sucking parasites. They want to hear from a victim what it’s like to wake up feeling like you’re being eaten alive in a bed crawling with these vicious little vampires. They want to film the raw, red welts on a body ravaged by bed bug bites. They want to understand the crushing embarrassment suffered by bed bug victims who are ostracized by family, friends and coworkers afraid of “catching” the bugs. They want to document the misery of victims whose bed bug battle has cost them their jobs. They want to portray the fear of victims with chemical sensitivities, asthma or other health issues who have suffered the repercussions of toxic chemical pesticide treatments. They want to share victims’ stories of emotional trauma and anguish. They want to put a face on the bed bug story to make it real to their viewers.

Stern has offered to help find a bed bug victim who is willing to share his or her story on national television. We are looking for a bed bug victim who is fighting an active infestation and who is willing to go public about their experience. The individual must agree to be interviewed on camera and allow their bites to be televised. Due to the nature of our media requests, Stern will also consider the following in evaluating submitted stories:

  • We can only consider individuals who live in a single-family home or townhouse. Apartments, condominiums and other multi-unit properties are ineligible for this offer due to the parameters of our media requests.
  • Due to transportation and media logistics, individuals who live in the local New York City, New Jersey, southern Connecticut area may be given priority consideration; although individual stories from across the U.S. will be considered.
  • Since we would like to illustrate the fact that bed bugs are equal opportunity pests that cross social, cultural and economic boundaries, priority consideration may be given to attractive homes with a visually upscale look.

If your story is selected to be shared with the media, Stern Environmental will provide a free Cryonite treatment of your home, including any necessary residual follow-up treatment. We will get rid of your bed bug problem completely so you won’t spend another night at the mercy of these nasty little vampires.

Cryonite is the revolutionary, non-toxic bed bug treatment that effectively kills these noxious pests by freezing them with pressurized carbon dioxide snow. Cryonite’s chemical-free vapors are able to reach the undersides of beds and furniture and deep into cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Cryonite kills bed bugs in all phases of development, including eggs which are not killed by traditional pesticides, and is highly effective in exterminating pesticide-resistant bed bugs. Using food-grade carbon dioxide, Cryonite leaves no nasty chemical residues and is safe in even the most sensitive settings.

If you’re willing to share your bed bug horror story with Stern Environmental and the media and would like to be considered to receive a free Cryonite treatment, please contact Stern’s representative Nancy McCord at webmaster@mccordweb.com or via phone at 301-705-7303. Please leave a message with your name and contact information, as well as a brief statement about your bed bug experience. Please do not contact the Stern Environmental office; consideration for this offer can only be given to contacts made through Ms. McCord.

Important Tips for Bed Bug Victims

Let’s take a look at some tips for dealing with bed bugs:

Don’t sleep in another bed or on the couch because the bed bugs are like detectives; they will find you and they will now occupy more locations and be harder to eliminate. Isolate your bed with a quality bed casing.

Don’t sleep at a relatives house since the bed bugs can cling to your clothes and create a bed bug community at your grouchy Grandma’s house.  They can go dormant for longer than the neighbors lopsided polar bear and survive over a year without feeding. When you go back home they will be excited.

Don’t toss out your bed and furniture. Your pest control company can treat most pieces of furniture and mattresses.

Don’t try to eliminate the bed bugs by attacking them yourself with chemicals. Instead of killing them you could actually cause them to move to multiple areas of your house which will make it difficult for the professionals to destroy them.

Have a professional use Cryonite or other substances. Do not use a bug bomb or a fogger. Bed bugs chuckle when these are activated. They don’t work on the critters and they may cause them to disperse and reside in more areas of your home. Don’t give up; hire a professional.