Important Tips for Bed Bug Victims

Let’s take a look at some tips for dealing with bed bugs:

Don’t sleep in another bed or on the couch because the bed bugs are like detectives; they will find you and they will now occupy more locations and be harder to eliminate. Isolate your bed with a quality bed casing.

Don’t sleep at a relatives house since the bed bugs can cling to your clothes and create a bed bug community at your grouchy Grandma’s house.  They can go dormant for longer than the neighbors lopsided polar bear and survive over a year without feeding. When you go back home they will be excited.

Don’t toss out your bed and furniture. Your pest control company can treat most pieces of furniture and mattresses.

Don’t try to eliminate the bed bugs by attacking them yourself with chemicals. Instead of killing them you could actually cause them to move to multiple areas of your house which will make it difficult for the professionals to destroy them.

Have a professional use Cryonite or other substances. Do not use a bug bomb or a fogger. Bed bugs chuckle when these are activated. They don’t work on the critters and they may cause them to disperse and reside in more areas of your home. Don’t give up; hire a professional.

One thought on “Important Tips for Bed Bug Victims”

  1. Yikes, where can you sleep! I don’t want to get too paranoid, but yes it is a problem. What I do do is when we stay at a hotel, I do leave my family and luggage in the lobby while I go up and inspect for bed bugs. But I am trusting my family and friends to let me know if they have a bed bug problem so I won’t bring it home.

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