Unusual and Spooky Bed Bug Hiding Places

Before the recent bed bug invasion, if you were sitting in a restaurant and you overheard a person tell his friend his phone was bugged you might think the FBI is looking into his nefarious activities. That conclusion is no longer valid. Beg bugs were discovered in a cell phone. It’s a rarity but it’s also a little spooky. Exterminators have recently been finding bed bugs in unusual places such as in clock radios, computer keyboards, electrical switches, televisions, inside books  and other places you perhaps thought were void of the insects. It’s almost like a creepy movie  made by high school kids bored with text messaging. 

 I have more wonderful, I mean troubling news. Experts predict that Long Island and the New York area will soon experience a significant increase in bed bugs due to all the visitors who come to the region for spring break. International travel and hotels are an excellent combination for the arrival of more bed bugs. Perhaps New Yorkers should recommend the beaches of Bulgaria to Spring Breakers.

People being in denial that New York City has a bed bug problem is another prominent issue that has to be dealt with. Preventive measures and pest control procedures have to be  strongly considered by the human population.