Fox News Staffer Sues Over Bed Bugs

A veteran staffer has sued Fox News Channel over a bed bug infestation in the newsroom that has left her with post traumatic stress syndrome. In filing suit, Jane Clark’s lawyers reported that she “can no longer go to work after suffering emotional distress due to a continuous and ongoing bed bug problem at work.”

Bed bugs were first discovered in the Fox facility last fall. Staffers suffered through numerous bed bug surges over the winter while the facilities were repeatedly treated. While a New York Times article reported that the infestation was finally eradicated in March, Clark’s lawyer, Alan Schnurman, said his client was attacked by the nasty little critters again on April 30.

Coping with bed bugs is no joke. Though not known to carry disease, bed bug bites and the knowledge that bugs are crawling on their skin can cause victims to become hysterical. Post traumatic shock syndrome can result from the prolonged emotional stress caused by an unchecked infestation. For an idea of what Ms. Clark has been coping with, click here to see photos of bed bugs and bed bug bites. Make sure to watch the video of a bed bug feeding. It will give you an appreciation for the extreme emotional and physical stress bed bug victims endure.

Dogs, Raccoons, Ferrets and Husbands

Be honest, have you vaccinated your ferret? Don’t try and pass him off as a weasel or European Polecat or even a Steppe Polecat.  New York State law requires people to have all dogs, cats and domesticated ferrets immunized for rabies beginning at four months of age.

Just because your ferret destroyed the inside of your home doesn’t give you the right to claim he has no manners and therefore is similar to your husband; not domesticated. Pets that received their first vaccination have to be re-vaccinated within one year in order to qualify for a three year coverage. By the way historians claim that ferrets have been domesticated for about 2,500 years. Husbands? More research is required.

It’s rare for humans to get rabies but for people who have not been vaccinated, rabies can be deadly after neurological systems occur, but quick use of a post rabies exposure vaccination may stop the virus from further progression.

Since the 1970’s the northeast and mid-Atlantic portions of the country have occasionally been dealing with raccoons infested with rabies. Apparently the rabid raccoons had been transported from the southeast portion of the nation by hunters who desired to increase the raccoon population of the northeast. If you need wildlife control call a professional.

Bed Bugs Creep into Tulsa Motels

Exterminators are reporting a noticeable increase in bed bug infestations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “We’ve had quite a few bed bugs in Tulsa recently,” said pest control manager Paula Stephens. “Mainly, it’s in apartments and motels.”

Experts peg the recent bed bug surge to the beginning of the tourist season and a healthy housing market. Both factors are bringing more people to Tulsa, and some of them are packing bed bugs in their suitcases and belongings. If you’re traveling, keep your luggage off motel floors and beds. Place suitcases on luggage stands or tables and use provided clothes hangers. It’s best not to place belongings in drawers.

Bed bugs are nuisance insects that harbor in and near beds, creeping out at night to feed on the blood of their human hosts. Many people develop itchy red welts in response to their bites and can find the experience quite traumatic. Some have even sued bed bug infested motels. Bed bugs spread easily through wall voids, ducts, even on the clothing of housekeeping staff.

Stern Environmental offers a pro-active bed bug prevention treatment program tailored to the hospitality industry. Featuring the innovative non-chemical Cryonite treatment, Stern can eliminate bed bugs before they become a problem. Cryonite allows infected rooms to be treated and returned to service immediately. Click here for more information about Stern’s proactive bed bug prevention program for the hospitality industry.

Bed Bugs, Furniture and Cousins

People enjoy going to garage sales and often find impressive bargains, but if you live in a city with bed bugs such as New York City you might want to be cautious about your garage sale purchases. Shoppers have been bringing home used furniture and other items infested with bed bugs. That bargain is now a disaster. Perhaps garage sale shoppers should take a  bed bug sniffing beagle with them. They don’t work for biscuits and thus could be cost prohibited.

While at a garage sale if you notice the home owner stripping down to his underwear don’t be alarmed, he’s probably just proving to a suspicious potential buyer of his bedroom furniture that he doesn’t have bed bug bites. Perhaps he actually is a bed bug infested owner and had his cousin portray him while he was out golfing. Oh my.

It should be noted that a shopper can select high quality furniture from an upscale or perhaps snobby furniture store located in a fancy part of town and still get bug bugs. Perhaps a Wall Street wizard unknowingly had bed bugs on his ascot and sat down on the bed a few days before you purchased it. Oh my.

If this happened to you, Cryonite for bed bug elimination is something you should consider.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

You hear a lot about bed bugs these days. Humanity’s age-old scourge is back, nibbling on people as they sleep in their beds. That old adage: “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” has its basis in fact. The nocturnal insects were common bedfellows during our grandparents’ youth. The nasty little vampires were largely wiped out in the U.S. when DDT-based pesticides made their debut World War II. When health concerns banned DDT, the little buggers started nibbling their way back into our lives.

Today, the news is full of bed bug reports. They’ve been found in every state in the U.S., from New York subways to swank hotels to college dorms to suburban homes. Bed bugs are fast-spreading opportunists who can easily hitch a ride into your lovely, clean home. You can bring home bed bugs on your clothing just by sitting on a bus or taxi seat that has just been vacated by someone infested with bed bugs. They can crawl into your suitcase if you stay in an infested hotel room.

If you do get bed bugs, the important thing to know is that they are not known to transmit disease and you can get rid of them, though you will need professional help. To find out more about bed bugs, visit the Stern Environmental website.