Mattress Encasements can be your Sherlock Holmes

It would be great to have an amazing bed beg early detection device, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist. A small colony of the insects can often go undetected. An expert will have a difficult time discovering bed bugs in your home if there are only four eggs hidden in a small crevice or on a piece of luggage. Well trained dogs can be useful in finding the pests. Cats often refuse to participate (that’s understandable).

Utilizing a mattress and box spring encasement that has been constructed to trap bed bugs below the top surface of the mattress can also be a way to detect the presence of bed bugs in your home. If your neighbors have a bed bug infestation problem, placing a bed bug encasement on your bed can serve as a type of detection system.  Bed bug evidence is typically located deep inside the mattress which makes finding the evidence very difficult. With a quality encasement the bed bugs gangs that want to use you as a late night snack will have to traverse the smooth exterior of the encasement. Signs of their shedded skin, fecal matter and spotting can be easily detected. If you find evidence, stop screaming (pouting is allowed) and call a professional.