Bed Bugs and the Four Star – Hotel Vacuum

For those of you who vacuum your mattress and box springs and other areas for added protection against the bed bug gangs, there are some things you should consider:

In order to prevent the vacuum from becoming a moving resort for the insects, select a vacuum that utilizes a bag that you can toss into the garbage can. Bed bug eggs can get stuck in the filter of the bag-less version. Don’t use attachments that include brushes or bristles. Send them to their death by the open hose. When you have finished hunting for the critters with your vacuum, place the bag in  a tightly sealed trash bag and place it outside of your home. Inspect the area for bed bugs where the bag is connected to the vacuum hose. If you insist on using a bag-less unit, make sure after you empty the canister, you wash it thoroughly.

Besides vacuuming, make sure the house is void of clutter. A messy house provides a vast number of hiding places for the insects. Clutter can lead to the demise of a quality bed bug control system. 

Don’t let your vacuum become a hotel for bed bugs. We  recommend Cryonite for pest control for those who prefer to freeze the critters to death.