Do You Have Carpenter Bees?

If you have noticed large black bees flying about your residence or boring holes in wood structures you may have been selected as the new resting and breeding place for carpenter bees. Typically they are noticed with the arrival of Spring. The males don’t have stingers but the females are equipped with one, however they rarely attack humans. They look like bumble bees but the upper portion of their abdomen is void of hair and is shiny black while the bumble bee has a harry stomach which features yellow marks. It should be noted that I have not actually inspected bee bellies.

Carpenter bees can be a big problem due to creating tunnels in wood items to lay their eggs. They prefer unpainted and weathered soft types of woods, particularly redwood, pine, cedar and cypress.

If you are searching for carpenter bee nesting locations make sure to inspect the eaves of the house, wooden shakes, window trims, decks and your outdoor furniture. The holes are quite round. If the site of the nest has been used for years, extensive damage can occur.

Prevention consists of painting wood surfaces. You may need to hire a professional pest control company to get rid of your carpenter bee infestation.