Bees Swarm Manhattan

Hundreds of flighty Bee-listers swarmed the Upper East Side of Manhattan yesterday causing havoc at 75th and Second Avenue. But it wasn’t a low-budget film run amok that had people buzzing. This was a weird freak of nature more appropriate to the deep woods than a city sidewalk.

Frantic phone calls to 311 reported a cloud of bees swarming area bus shelters and creating general panic along sidewalks. Spectator Bill Orfanon described the noisy swarm “like debris, floating around in a whirlwind. It was pretty amazing.” 

Police contacted the Bronx Zoo for help which sent bee-keeper Jim Fischer to the rescue. Garbed head to toe in protective gear, the bee-buster arrived with a smoker box to calm and contain the bees. When finally under control, the tightly-packed colony covered the entire side of a newspaper box. “It’s how they reproduce,” Fischer explained. “Somewhere around here there’s another hive of bees. This one broke off and followed the queen.”

While bees are beneficial to nature, a swarm can pose a serious danger to humans. If bees are buzzing you, contact a pest professional for safe removal.