Bed Bugs in the New York Subway?

According to the New York Post the bed bugs have invaded the subway system; well they have been spotted on benches and the backside of a subway traveler by a city bed bug educator. Now you have a great excuse to take a limousine to work or build the helicopter pad on top of your guest house that you have been contemplating. Perhaps it’s a good time to forget the subway and saunter or sashay to work.

If you are going to bravely ride the New York subway, I strongly suggest you wear two sets of clothes and toss away the outer clothing before you enter your work place. I recommend you purchase a crate full of those inexpensive wear once and throw away Brooks Brother’s suits that come in a multitude of colors. Liz Claiborne is coming out with the “toss away to keep the bed bugs at bay” pantsuits (they only come in chartreuse and brown). 

What’s next? Perhaps we will learn that the bed bugs have invaded the Statue of Liberty or are living inside third base and attaching themselves to Yankees. 

If the bed bugs follow you home call Stern Environmental. We will spray some Cryonite on the bed bugs and they won’t be going back to the subway.