Bed Bug Expert Douglas Stern Appears on CBS Eyewitness News RI

Lights! Camera! Action! Bed bug expert Douglas Stern, owner of Stern Environmental Group, appeared on CBS affiliate WPRI-TV Eyewitness 12 News in Providence, Rhode Island this week. Interviewed by Susan Hogan, the station’s Call 12 for Action consumer problem solver, Stern explained the benefits of Cryonite, an icy carbon dioxide spray that freezes bed bugs, killing them before they can scurry away.

Bed bugs reports have increased by 500% in the last decade, Hogan told viewers, with single-family homes and apartments bearing the brunt of recent infestations. Here’s how the station broke down bed bug sightings:

  • 44.6% single-family homes and apartments
  • 37.2% hotels and motels
  • 16.2% other
  • 2% college dorms

Traditionally used chemical sprays don’t work on today’s bed bugs which have developed a resistance to traditional treatments, University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter told Hogan. Cryonite is one of a new generation of bed bug treatments being used to kill these super bugs. Effectively used in Europe for years, Stern is one of a select number of companies able to offer Cryonite in the U.S.

Click here to watch a video clip of the program which shows bed bugs in action and Cryonite in use. (Click the CBS Call 12 for Action 5/12-Bed bugs title under the video player.)  For more information on bed bugs and Cryonite, visit the Stern website.