Bed Bugs – Congress to the rescue?

Congressman G.K. Butterfield is the proud sponsor of the Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite Act of 2008. In a press release he states that bed bugs are all over the country.  Oh my! His bill offers money to states to create inspection, prevention as well as eradication programs. I hope it’s more than three dollars.

To be eligible for the money, state officials must make sure that at least 20% of all the state’s hotel rooms are inspected. That seems a little silly. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER 80 PERCENT. On a personal note, I prefer Capitals to yelling. A traveler from Asia unknowingly transporting bed bugs in her hat may just stay at one hotel room in New York City. What are the chances her room will be inspected? Oh my! I don’t have the details regarding how often an inspection must occur. I have my doubts it will be sufficient.

Some lobbyist for a company which offers the expensive services of distracted, untrained bed bug sniffing poodles will probably acquire the bulk of the funds. Congress typically funds such things as 28 innovative techniques for successfully microwaving legumes but the funding for bed bugs probably won’t occur.

Perhaps Cryonite for bed bug elimination should be suggested to the congressman.