Bed Bugs, Furniture and Cousins

People enjoy going to garage sales and often find impressive bargains, but if you live in a city with bed bugs such as New York City you might want to be cautious about your garage sale purchases. Shoppers have been bringing home used furniture and other items infested with bed bugs. That bargain is now a disaster. Perhaps garage sale shoppers should take a  bed bug sniffing beagle with them. They don’t work for biscuits and thus could be cost prohibited.

While at a garage sale if you notice the home owner stripping down to his underwear don’t be alarmed, he’s probably just proving to a suspicious potential buyer of his bedroom furniture that he doesn’t have bed bug bites. Perhaps he actually is a bed bug infested owner and had his cousin portray him while he was out golfing. Oh my.

It should be noted that a shopper can select high quality furniture from an upscale or perhaps snobby furniture store located in a fancy part of town and still get bug bugs. Perhaps a Wall Street wizard unknowingly had bed bugs on his ascot and sat down on the bed a few days before you purchased it. Oh my.

If this happened to you, Cryonite for bed bug elimination is something you should consider.