Bed Bugs Creep into Tulsa Motels

Exterminators are reporting a noticeable increase in bed bug infestations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “We’ve had quite a few bed bugs in Tulsa recently,” said pest control manager Paula Stephens. “Mainly, it’s in apartments and motels.”

Experts peg the recent bed bug surge to the beginning of the tourist season and a healthy housing market. Both factors are bringing more people to Tulsa, and some of them are packing bed bugs in their suitcases and belongings. If you’re traveling, keep your luggage off motel floors and beds. Place suitcases on luggage stands or tables and use provided clothes hangers. It’s best not to place belongings in drawers.

Bed bugs are nuisance insects that harbor in and near beds, creeping out at night to feed on the blood of their human hosts. Many people develop itchy red welts in response to their bites and can find the experience quite traumatic. Some have even sued bed bug infested motels. Bed bugs spread easily through wall voids, ducts, even on the clothing of housekeeping staff.

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