Fox News Staffer Sues Over Bed Bugs

A veteran staffer has sued Fox News Channel over a bed bug infestation in the newsroom that has left her with post traumatic stress syndrome. In filing suit, Jane Clark’s lawyers reported that she “can no longer go to work after suffering emotional distress due to a continuous and ongoing bed bug problem at work.”

Bed bugs were first discovered in the Fox facility last fall. Staffers suffered through numerous bed bug surges over the winter while the facilities were repeatedly treated. While a New York Times article reported that the infestation was finally eradicated in March, Clark’s lawyer, Alan Schnurman,¬†said his client was attacked by the nasty little critters again on April 30.

Coping with bed bugs is no joke. Though not known to carry disease, bed bug bites and the knowledge that bugs are crawling on their skin can cause victims to become hysterical. Post traumatic shock syndrome can result from the prolonged emotional stress caused by an unchecked infestation. For an idea of what Ms. Clark has been coping with, click here to see photos of bed bugs and bed bug bites. Make sure to watch the video of a bed bug feeding. It will give you an appreciation for the extreme emotional and physical stress bed bug victims endure.