Bed Bugs Free Zones

Bed Bugs are everywhere. Hotels, apartment buildings, mansions featuring Italianate architecture, summer camps, airports, train stations, kind of, sort of, maybe upscale restaurants and the space shuttle. Not the space shuttle, but has anybody checked?

In 2003 a nationwide pest control company treated bed bug problems in 35 states. By 2007 they treated structures in 48 states. A spokesperson believed the other two states have bed bugs. Canada is also having problems with bedbugs. I’m not sure about Bulgaria.

I am wondering when apartment building owners will be placing huge signs outside of their property with the statement “BED BUG FREE BUILDING.”

 Instead of city councils enticing new businesses to their areas with tax breaks,  free land and a variety of money saving coupons perhaps they will soon be advertising their city as “free of bed bugs.”

Perhaps in cities with bed bug problems homeowners will pay to have an inspection so they can sell their homes as a “bed bug free residence.” However if bedbugs are found in the home the enterprising owner may say “Oops!” are something like that.

If you live in a bedbug infested apartment building or other dwelling ask the property owner if he has considered Cryonite to destroy the pests.