Bed Bugs and Lawsuits

Perhaps you have heard about the Fox News employee who is suing the owner of the office building where she had been working. She claims she has post-traumatic stress disorder which was caused by being bit by bed bugs at work. So far she is not suing Fox News.

She stated she can no longer work due to the trauma. I am wondering what percentage of bed bug victims have stopped working due to being bitten. I once suffered from bee stings but I kept on working. Perhaps I should have been on Oprah to tell my brave story.

I hope this doesn’t get out of control and residents of bed bug infested apartment buildings stop working by the thousands, go on worker’s compensation and sue the owners of the properties for being traumatized. Perhaps being slightly annoyed will suffice.

She speculates that a co-worker brought the bed bug infestation to her workstation. I am wondering if the women suing actually brought the bed bugs to work and is now suing for something she might have caused herself. Just speculation on my part.

I live near a lake and I am often bitten by mosquitoes. If a lawyer is reading this, perhaps we should have lunch and discuss the issue.