Are There Ants in Your Computer?

I’ve heard of “bugs” in computers, but ants? Swarms of hungry ants are eating their way through electronics in Houston. Dubbed “Crazy Raspberry Ants,” it is believed that the insects with an unusual taste for electronic wiring arrived in Texas on a cargo ship, though their original home is unknown. The ants are creating havoc in Texas and the Deep South where their munching has left an expensive path of destruction. They have destroyed PCs in countless homes and businesses, taken up residence in homeowners’ gas meters, ruined pumps at a sewage treatment plant, and placed NASA’s Johnson Space Center on full alert, according to Associated Press reports.  

“If you open a computer, you would find a cluster of ants on the motherboard and all over,” pest expert and namesake Tom Raspberry told Computerworld magazine. “You’d get 3,000 to 4,000 ants inside and they create arcs. They’ll wipe out any computer.”

The tiny ants, about the size of fleas, congregate on electronics by the thousands and exhibit frantic behavior. One victim said their movements were like watching an Indy 500 car race. “They’re going fast, fast, fast. They’re crazy,” Patsy Morphew of Pearland, Texas told PC Pro. At that rate, these nasty little critters could give a whole new meaning to the phrase “bugs in my computer”!