Clever Bed Bug Behavior Leads to Survival

Are humans smarter than bed bugs? Probably, but these seemingly obtuse insects know how to survive. After having a meal consisting of human blood, the female bed bugs cleverly sashay off to nearby cracks and crevices to lay their eggs, in order to keep them out of sight. 

After the bed bugs have been hatched, you may think you can simply out smart the bed bugs by staying at your Grandma’s house in order to starve them to death. However, the juvenile bed bugs can go for many months without a meal. Your absence may make the situation worse, by stimulating them to spread out all over your home seeking human blood. Adults can live for over a year without a meal.

Another example of their intelligence, perhaps cleverness, oh maybe just a gift provided by nature, is their ability to inject their saliva into the human bloodstream in order to prevent coagulation. The saliva actually is the cause of the itching and the welts on your skin. The time delay from the time of the bite to the time the itching begins provides bed bugs with the opportunity to escape the area and avoid being crushed by their human roommates. 

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