Bed-Bug Proof Encasements Make Perfect Gift

I’m giving my daughter a set of Stern’s Protect-a-Bed bed bug-proof mattress covers and box spring encasements. After complaining about her old, lumpy mattress, she just treated herself to a new bed to celebrate her birthday. Since my daughter lives in Brooklyn where bed bugs have been particularly active this year, I figure a bed bug-proof mattress cover and box spring encasement will ensure that she can enjoy her new bed for years to come.

Covering your mattress and box springs with bed bug proof encasements just makes good sense. It’s like buying insurance for your bed. The cost of a good mattress and box springs can run well over a $1000, particularly for king and queen sizes. It just makes sense to protect that investment with top quality bed bug-proof mattress covers and box spring encasements.

Beware though. Not all encasements are created equal. You can’t bed bug-proof your bed with mattress covers from Wal-Mart. Stern Environmental Group sells only BugOff encasements¬†which are designed by experts specifically to keep bed bugs out and prevent them from infecting your mattress. If you already have bed bugs, BugOff encasements will also trap bed bugs inside permanently until they die so they can’t bite you. Protect-a-Bed mattress covers and box springs encasements are meant to stay on the bed for the life of your mattress. Put them on and you’ll never have to worry about bed bugs again. Click here for more information on BugOff professional bed bug-proof Protect-a-Bed products.