The Bed Bug Room

In Vancouver they have come up with an unusual idea – “the bed bub sauna.” The critters won’t be relaxing, no the goal is destroy them. A large housing complex in Vancouver will include the special room where residents will temporarily place their belongings such as beds, clothing and a variety of furniture they suspect may contain bed bugs and their eggs.

The heat generated in the room will supposedly kill the bed bugs. The promoters of the bed bug sauna claim a blast of heat that lasts just for a few minutes will be sufficient. 

If I were looking for an apartment complex to live in, I’m not sure the bed bug sauna would entice me to live there. My fellow residents have just retrieved their bed bug free belongings (assuming it works) from the sauna and now they feel safe. But what about the bed bugs that are hiding in the crevices and crannies in their apartments?

Do you just snap your fingers three times or play marching music on the stereo and the bed bugs hiding in the walls and other locations hop on the mattress and take an exciting ride to the bed bug sauna -perhaps not.

Another approach – Use Cryonite to freeze the bed bugs to death that are hiding in your apartment.