Do You Have Bed Bugs?

You may think you have a bed bug problem but it might be some other annoying insect. Experts claim that only a small percentage of the insects sent to them turn out to be bed bugs.

Beg bugs are typically about 1/5 of an inch and weigh about thirty pounds (not really). Young bed bugs are typically light yellow in color, however if they just consumed some blood they become dark in the middle region of their bodies. The blood ages and becomes darker and typically a small amount of undigested blood is excreted and ends up on mattresses and bed sheets and four hundred dollar dresses.

Adult bed bugs are reddish brown and they also darken  after a meal. They have no wings, are oval in shape and crawl at a steady pace. If they are scampering, skipping  or sauntering you have another issue to deal with.

They’re usually active at night and when they bite you they often leave bite marks that are two or three in  a row. If you awaken to a pungent aroma you probably have a very large gang of bed bugs lurking. Check for blood spots and fecal matter. 

Call an expert on bed bug pest control if you have spotted them in your residence.