Bed Bugs Terrorize Apartment Dwellers

Bed bugs have invaded two apartment buildings Skip Lawyer owns in Reading, Pennsylvania. “It’s so demoralizing,” he told New York’s WNBC. “They get into virtually everything. I have nightmares about them.” His are only two of the buildings under attack by bed bugs. Reading officials say the nasty pests have infected homes and apartments across the city this summer.

WNBC film of the infected apartments shows¬†hundreds of bed bugs crawling all over mattresses and furniture.¬†(YUCK!) Red bed bug bites cover the arms and legs of one tenant. “They’re true vampires,” Lawyer said of the blood-sucking insects. Though not known to cause disease, bed bug bites can raise itchy red hives that bedevil their victims, causing severe emotional distress.

Despite repeated attempts, traditional pesticides have failed to evict the blood-sucking tenants so Lawyer has been forced to tell his human tenants to move out while the buildings are fumigated. Click here to watch WNBC’s video of bed bugs in action and the bites they leave. It will give you a sense of the horror and disgust victims face.

Lawyer’s experience is not unique. Many bed bugs today are pesticide resistant and don’t respond to traditional pesticide treatments. Cryonite is the way to kill these super bugs. The fast-freeze CO2 snow freezes bed bugs in their tracks and kills them, eggs and all. Cryonite is the perfect bed bug solution for multi-unit buildings like apartments, co-ops, condos, hotels, motels and resorts. To learn more about Stern’s amazing Cryonite bed bug treatment, click here.