Cryonite: Pest Control Super Hero

Like the Hulk, Cryonite is a big, green, killing machine! The super hero of the pest world, it’s Cryonite to the rescue when the bad guys invade. Blood-sucking little bed bugs, nasty German cockroaches, vicious pumped-up pesticide-resistant bugs — Cryonite mows them all down with ease. Like Mr. Freeze on steroids, Cryonite shoots a carbon dioxide snow that stops insects in their tracks and freezes them dead. Cryonite is the summer blockbuster hit of the pest control world!

You can find Cryonite at Stern Environmental Group, recently named a North American sales rep for the revolutionary “green” bed bug and insect extermination system. What makes Cryonite “green”?

  • It’s chemical-free and non-toxic making it safe for sensitive environments like the food industry, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals and your home.
  • There are no messy wet residues, no pesticide smells, no health implications when Cryonite is used. Hotel rooms can be placed back in use right after treatment. You don’t have to worry about the health of your children and pets after treatment.
  • Cryonite uses only food-grade quality CO2 so there is no risk of contamination. 
  • The CO2 used by the Cryonite system is recycled from industrial processes and does not release additional CO2 into the atmosphere.

To find out more about the revolutionary “green” Cryonite bed bug killing system, visit Stern Environmental Group.

Stern Named Cryonite Sales Rep

Stern Environmental Group has just been named a North American Sales Representative for the revolutionary “green” Cryonite bed bug extermination system by CTS Technologies of Switzerland. Stern becomes one of a very select few North American pest control companies trained and authorized to provide this highly effective, completely non-toxic pest extermination service in America and Canada. As an authorized CTS representative, Stern can now sell and lease Cryonite products directly to pest management firms and the hotel and motel industry. Stern already has significant experience with Cryonite, having provided the wildly popular bed bug treatment to its residential and commercial customers for some months.

Cyronite is a poison-free freezing treatment particularly effective in chemically sensitive environments such as restaurants, hotels and resorts, hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers where use of poisons can pose dangerous risks. Pest control technicians spray a fine film of frozen carbon dioxide snow that quickly penetrates into cracks and crevices where bed bugs and other pests harbor, freezing and killing them before they can escape. Unlike traditional pesticide treatment, Cryonite kills bed bugs in all stages of development, including eggs. Click here for more information on Cryonite treatments and products offered by Stern Environmental Group.

The Bed Bug Room

In Vancouver they have come up with an unusual idea – “the bed bub sauna.” The critters won’t be relaxing, no the goal is destroy them. A large housing complex in Vancouver will include the special room where residents will temporarily place their belongings such as beds, clothing and a variety of furniture they suspect may contain bed bugs and their eggs.

The heat generated in the room will supposedly kill the bed bugs. The promoters of the bed bug sauna claim a blast of heat that lasts just for a few minutes will be sufficient. 

If I were looking for an apartment complex to live in, I’m not sure the bed bug sauna would entice me to live there. My fellow residents have just retrieved their bed bug free belongings (assuming it works) from the sauna and now they feel safe. But what about the bed bugs that are hiding in the crevices and crannies in their apartments?

Do you just snap your fingers three times or play marching music on the stereo and the bed bugs hiding in the walls and other locations hop on the mattress and take an exciting ride to the bed bug sauna -perhaps not.

Another approach – Use Cryonite to freeze the bed bugs to death that are hiding in your apartment. 

Bed-Bug Proof Encasements Make Perfect Gift

I’m giving my daughter a set of Stern’s Protect-a-Bed bed bug-proof mattress covers and box spring encasements. After complaining about her old, lumpy mattress, she just treated herself to a new bed to celebrate her birthday. Since my daughter lives in Brooklyn where bed bugs have been particularly active this year, I figure a bed bug-proof mattress cover and box spring encasement will ensure that she can enjoy her new bed for years to come.

Covering your mattress and box springs with bed bug proof encasements just makes good sense. It’s like buying insurance for your bed. The cost of a good mattress and box springs can run well over a $1000, particularly for king and queen sizes. It just makes sense to protect that investment with top quality bed bug-proof mattress covers and box spring encasements.

Beware though. Not all encasements are created equal. You can’t bed bug-proof your bed with mattress covers from Wal-Mart. Stern Environmental Group sells only BugOff encasements which are designed by experts specifically to keep bed bugs out and prevent them from infecting your mattress. If you already have bed bugs, BugOff encasements will also trap bed bugs inside permanently until they die so they can’t bite you. Protect-a-Bed mattress covers and box springs encasements are meant to stay on the bed for the life of your mattress. Put them on and you’ll never have to worry about bed bugs again. Click here for more information on BugOff professional bed bug-proof Protect-a-Bed products.

Clever Bed Bug Behavior Leads to Survival

Are humans smarter than bed bugs? Probably, but these seemingly obtuse insects know how to survive. After having a meal consisting of human blood, the female bed bugs cleverly sashay off to nearby cracks and crevices to lay their eggs, in order to keep them out of sight. 

After the bed bugs have been hatched, you may think you can simply out smart the bed bugs by staying at your Grandma’s house in order to starve them to death. However, the juvenile bed bugs can go for many months without a meal. Your absence may make the situation worse, by stimulating them to spread out all over your home seeking human blood. Adults can live for over a year without a meal.

Another example of their intelligence, perhaps cleverness, oh maybe just a gift provided by nature, is their ability to inject their saliva into the human bloodstream in order to prevent coagulation. The saliva actually is the cause of the itching and the welts on your skin. The time delay from the time of the bite to the time the itching begins provides bed bugs with the opportunity to escape the area and avoid being crushed by their human roommates. 

Cryonite for bed bug removal is one of the newest and best products available.