Take Control of Your Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are only one-fifth of an inch in size yet they frighten people more than a grumpy badger. Don’t let them take control of your home.

Some practical advice to safeguard the bed includes  placing the bed away from the wall and apply some Vaseline or perhaps mineral oil to the legs of the bed in a two inch wide band in order to make it difficult for the bed bugs to climb into bed with you. They don’t have wings.

Caulk all the cracks  so they won’t have a place to hide and thrive. Some people suggest creating a barrier around the bed posts made from chalk or silica aerogel. Double sided carpet tape can be efficient at trapping the bed bugs.

Instead of tossing out the mattress you suspect is a playground for bed bugs, purchase a quality bed bug mattress encasement which will prevent them from snacking on you and they will eventually starve to death.

Placing your furniture outside during the cold winter may kill off the bed bugs. However, some experts suggest the temperature has to remain below freezing for probably several days. If they are still annoying, call a professional.