Bed Bug Bite Complications

Those annoying bed bugs are known for leaving itchy red marks on the surface of the skin after they bite their victims. The bites are often in a form of a cluster and some times form a line. Yes the scratching is terrible and the red marks are not considered to be status symbols but some people have it even worse after the bed bugs take some of their blood for a meal. They develop allergic reactions to the bites. Some people have red bumps that are approximately 8 inches wide. Blisters are created, small sacs of pus are produced and dilation of the capillaries located beneath the skin occurs. If these stronger symptoms appear  it’s time to see your doctor.   

 It should be noted that doctors recommend that victims avoid scratching the affected areas because infections can occur. If you have an infection antibiotics may be needed.

People are typically embarrassed about having bed bug bites and they are concerned about being somewhat ostracized by neighbors and co-workers. They often stay quite about the bed bug bites. However,  if the bites become serious at least tell your doctor.

Bed bug professional pest control can eliminate the critters.