Recognizing Those Pesky Bed Bugs Part I Of II

The summer travel season is upon us and in full swing.  When traveling, or even just spending the night a friend’s house, everyone should know how to determine if they might have a chance encounter with nasty bed bugs.  Now that the bugs are seemingly everywhere, I just assume they will find me, so I am always on the lookout.

My friends think I am a bit nuts; but when I travel anywhere I have two main concerns.  Number one is…. lice.  I don’t want them, no way, no how!  I bring lice furniture spray wherever I go and do not hesitate to spray away upon my arrival.  My second concern is….. bed bugs.  I look for them because I am terrified of being devoured in my sleep and even more terrified that they will like me so much that they will hop in my suitcase and follow me home.  Unlike lice (which you really cannot see), if you are diligent, you can spot some tale tell signs that bed bugs are waiting for your arrival at your temporary destination.

The good news is that there are some things that the average traveler can look for to minimize their exposure to bed bugs.  Bed bugs tend to leave tiny black or reddish streaks (blood or fecal matter…yuck!) on sheets or mattress pads.  If you see this, you should consider leaving immediately lest you become its latest blood meal.
Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion to this post.